ids Coaching Connection program is an intensive, experiential program made up of five core courses. Each course builds on the previous course and focuses on a specific guiding principle. The courses are Divine Elementals, Divine Design, Divine Possibilities, Divine Expression and Divine Connections.  As part of the program you will have the opportunity to join 10 follow- up calls and receive support from instructors and fellow coaches.


Participants will learn coaching strategies with a focus on helping kids and youth tap into their magnificence. We have a new vision for working with kids that brings together the mind and the heart and develops all aspects of a kid and youth's being.

Through the coaching process kids and youth discover their values and virtues, guiding them towards becoming more productive and fulfilled.


Location: Toronto (Kipling & #7 area) and Peel Region, Ontario

Full-Time Student Registration - KCC 5 Core Course Package SAVINGS