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ICF Divine Credential Preparation Program

We are committed to developing your expertise and confidence as a coach in an environment that is safe, fun and transformational. The Kids Coaching Connection ICF Divine Credential Preparation program will connect your heart and mind to the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies to ensure you coach at an exceptional level and reach the ICF ACC Credential.  

Our program meets the International Coach Federation (ICF) 10 hour mentor coaching requirement for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. The 10 hours are structured as follows over a 3 month period: 


  • 7 hours of group sessions

  • 3 hours of Individual Mentor Guidance Coaching sessions

The 3 hours of Individual Guidance Mentor Coaching is your opportunity to review your coaching skills on three separate occasions as they relate to the ICF core competencies. This can be done by coaching the leader and/or submitting a recording of your coaching.

You will use the ICF core competency worksheet (to be provided by the leader) to self-evaluate your coaching and then review with your Guidance Mentor coach. It is suggested that you choose a client that you have coached previously to ensure that you are able to delve more deeply into
the ICF core competencies and demonstrate your Magnificence as a coach. Times for Individual Guidance Mentor Coaching Sessions will be determined with each individual participant.

If you're interested in taking this outstanding program, please contact us with any questions.

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