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Adult Students

Susan's Coaching Services

coaching services for kids, youth and families around issues of self esteem, bullying, divorce, and more.

Meet Susan


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Susan is an international best-selling Author, University Instructor and leading edge ICF Certified Life Coach who's thought leadership has created global impact. Her life's purpose is to connect kids, youth and adults to their true heart's calling  through transformational coaching services, industry leading coaching training programs and educational products.

The Susan's Coaching ServiceKids Coaching Connection program and Manifest Your Magnificence product line have transformed lives worldwide and demonstrate her commitment to helping others achieve their greatest potential.​

Susan's 20 years of experience in education, commitment and passion for every endeavor she takes on has translated into award-winning products and teams, powerful community partnerships and a leadership style like no other.

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Coaching For

Kids, Youth and Families 

There is a direct link between self-esteem, emotional strength and learning.

We have all had times when we wanted to give up. 

What reality do you want to create...

  • For yourself?          

  • For your family?     

  • For your business?

  • For the world?        

It has been proven that kids, youth and adults who have a positive sense of self, self-esteem and positive values have greater motivation to succeed, can deal with challenging life situations more effectively and will Manifest their Magnificence in the World.

With the personal coaching services from Susan, we can reach the vast resources and powers lie within you.



Please contact us for any questions.


If you want to set up a initial coaching consultation with Susan, please book an coaching appointment here.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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