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The Fully Accredited International Coach Federation  Kids Coaching Connection program is an intensive, experiential program made up of five core courses. Each course builds on the previous course and focuses on a specific guiding principle. The courses are Divine Elementals, Divine Design, Divine Possibilities, Divine Expressions and Divine Connections.

Participants will learn coaching strategies with a focus on helping kids, youth and families tap into their

magnificence. We have a new vision for working with kids and youth that brings together the mind and the heart and develops all aspects of a kid and youth's being.  We also provide 10 follow-up calls and ongoing support as part of the program.  Our programs are offered globally in English. We are happy to partner with organizations in countries where interpreters may be needed.

As a Kids Coaching Connection coach you will support kids and youth to discover their values and virtues, guiding them towards becoming more productive and fulfilled.




Divine Elementals focuses on the essential elements for coaching kids and youth. Participants learn the Kids Coaching Connection© model that is based in the mind and heart. Key coaching strategies are detailed and practiced.  You will learn how to create a foundation of trust with kids and youth; how to communicate with different personality styles and how the power of connecting with your inner child will take relationships with kids and youth to a whole new level.

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The Divine Design course focuses on the process of making life more fulfilling and satisfying for kids and youth.  You will learn tools that will help kids and youth tap into their gifts, discover what they are passionate about and what they are committed to. With Divine Design coaching, kids and youth gain insight into, and create a vision for their future.

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The Divine Possibilities course provides participants with coaching tools that will introduce kids and youth to a realm of infinite possibilities that can be applied to their Divine Design.  You will be trained to take kids and youth through a variety of exercises that are designed to expand their viewpoint and maximize their ability to make choices that are true to their heart.


Divine Expressions builds on Divine Design and Divine Possibilities by enabling participants to guide kids and youth through a process of emotional awareness. Being appreciated and loved are central human needs that determine the emotional health of kids and youth and have an impact on their future success and fulfillment.  You will learn strategies to help kids and youth understand the feelings and support their full expression without judgment. This contributes to  the development of emotional intelligence. With your coaching, kids and youth will express themselves in knowing and constructive ways, they will see their infinite possibilities and make choices that are at the heart of their Divine Design.



Divine Connections is the fifth and final course in the Kids Coaching Connection© program. It brings Divine Design, Divine Possibilities and Divine Expressions together and applies them within the context of three divine relationships; with oneself, with other and with the world.  Participants learn strategies to help kids and youth understand how they are impacted by and have impact on these three divine relationships. You will come away with Divine Connection tools that will show kids and you how to connect with what is in their heart, listen to and connect with the hearts of others, and manifest their magnificent connection to the world.


"I highly recommend the Kids Coaching Connection program to parents, teachers and anyone who wants to build positive relationships with children and youth to help them be their best.  Furthermore, as a teacher, I recommend taking this program to learn the tools that you don’t hear or see elsewhere that can make a huge impact on student achievement, behavior and the tone in your classroom.  As a parent or caregiver, this course will give you the tools you need to connect and guide your children to their full potential.  You can’t lose taking this course.  Truly inspirational."

Sahar Ghaouri


If you are a Youth Full Time Student, you can take advantage of this discounted price.

Empower youths in your life to become tomorrow's leaders with the Kids Coaching Connection Youth Training. 

This transformational program is a fully approved International Coach Federation (ICF) ACSTH Program that provides youths with world-renown coaching and leadership training. We train youth and young adults to help other kids and youth reach their highest potential.

Kids Coaching Connection Program is composed of five core courses. Youth goes through the same ICF requirements and will be able to coach others. Each course builds on the previous module and focuses on a specific guiding principle. If you are a youth or young adult who wants to be a coach, this is the program for you. The courses are:

- Divine Elementals  

- Divine Design         

- Divine Possibilities  

- Divine Expression   

- Divine Connections

Participants will learn coaching strategies that focus on helping kids and youth tap into their true potential. Our vision brings together the mind and the heart and develops all aspects of a kid and youth's being.

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