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Kid and Youth Coaching

Most people assume that academic learning has little or nothing to do with how one feels about themselves. In fact, some people argue that too much emphasis has been placed on "feel good" ideas and not enough on core academics like reading, writing and arithmetic. And the truth is that they are interdependent. Neuroscience tells us that when a child trying to learn doesn't feel good about themselves, the centres for learning in the brain are temporarily hampered. And so, there is a direct link between self-esteem, emotional strength and learning.

We have all had times when we wanted to give up. When our thoughts are positive and our values strong, we keep going, achieving success in spite of our circumstances.

Students that have a positive sense of self, self-esteem and positive values have greater motivation to succeed and can deal with challenging life situations more effectively. They believe in their abilities, are able to communicate more successfully, concentrate, set goals and overcome obstacles.

If you want to reduce the risk of your child doing poorly at school, start the day with Manifest Your Magnificence and arm your child for success.

Susan coaches kids, youth and families around issues of self esteem, bullying, divorce, etc. For a complimentary initial coaching consultation, please contact us below:

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