The Kids Coaching Connection provided myself and my staff with the knowledge and the confidence to meet our program objectives.  As practitioners operating programs we often struggle to meet our objectives and understand what they really mean in practice.  Kids Coaching Connection helped us understand not only the child but also ourselves and how we can meet our objectives on a daily basis.  Through this training and because of this training we were able to make our vision for our children a reality.

Catherine Moher

Manager, Gerrard Resource Centre


I highly recommend the Kids Coaching Connection program to parents, teachers and anyone who wants to build positive relationships with children and youth to help them be their best.  Furthermore, as a teacher, I recommend taking this program to learn the tools that you don’t hear or see elsewhere that can make a huge impact on student achievement, behaviour and the tone in your classroom.  As a parent or caregiver, this course will give you the tools you need to connect and guide your children to their full potential.  You can’t lose taking this course.  Truly inspirational.

Sahar Ghaouri,

Susan is a Fabulous Coach.  Her dedication to both the people in the class and the kids they work with is apparent.  Susan embodies truth and love and brings all of her to all of us.  The Kids Coaching Connection program has taught me so much and given me the confidence to go forward with my own coaching practice.  Thank You Susan! 

Michelle LeRoy

Through self-exploration and powerful coaching tools, Kids Coaching Connection Divine Elementals has empowered me to be the best person I can be for myself, and the best professional I can be for the kids that I work with.


Andrea Foley

I completed the full Kids Coaching Connection Program. The training got me thinking about my future as a Montessori Teacher. I realized my Divine Design was to open my own Montessori School.  Less than a year after completing the training my dreams came true. I opened my own school, First Impressions Montessori.

Jacqueline Stark