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See What Our Graduates Have to Say!

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 The Kids Coaching Connection training has helped me to learn and understand the importance of the relationship between the coach and the child/client.  Through the training I have also gained greater insight into myself so that I can be more effective as a coach.  Susan facilitates the course with a depth of knowledge, understanding and insight.  I highly recommend this program to anyone called to work with and help children.

- Y. W, Teacher

Kids Coaching Connection has proved to be an invaluable training tool.  As a primary teacher, these practical ideas grounded in theories of social-emotional development of children are a phenomenal resource to add to my toolkit for my daily work.  I highly recommend the Kids Coaching Connection courses to anyone who works with children and youth and wishes to deepen their understanding of building successful, meaningful relationships with them.

- L. F. - Teacher

From a Youth who took the program - Over the program I learned so much about myself and the powerful and unique gifts I have to offer to the world, as well as the tools to help others do the same. To practice and grow in a loving and supportive environment and to learn from the incredible wisdom of Susan was truly a gift. Kids Coaching Connection sends ripples through families, communities, and the world, and it all starts with you. This experience has changed my life and I am forever grateful for such an opportunity.

 I am Grateful I completed the training because I am now more aware of ways I can connect with my children.  The more I connect with my kids, the easier it will be for my kids to connect with their truest self/soul. When my kids have a healthy connection to their truest self/soul, they will feel happier, more relaxed and more motivated!  The possibilities become bigger!  

- T. W. - Parent & Coach

Kids Coaching Connection opened a door that welcomed every part of my being. I attended the training in July 2014. My goal was to deepen the skills I had as a Life Coach. I had no clue that I would also deepen my awareness and acceptance of myself! My uniqueness, gifts and talents. By spending time understanding myself to the core and sitting in the parts I wanted to hide - I was able to stretch my coaching skills to see my client through that lens! I became curious and courageous in my coaching style by delving deeper with my client to see the parts I had discovered in me. The program is hands on and integrates the mind/heart connection to bring forth the fullness that can be received when at this level as a student. Susan Howson's style as a facilitator uses a range of skills to blend each learning style. Her intuitive knowing and connection with her inner child brings forth the magic that we all long for in training! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to engage in the world being heard, hearing others and bringing forth change. Parents, School Administrators, Teachers, ECE's, Social Workers, Child Youth Workers, and Clergy, actually everyone (this is not just for professionals) will see amazing shifts in the young people they connect with resulting in authentic relationships!

J.G. - Coach

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