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Kids Coaching Connection School Training 

Kids Coaching Connection School Training (KCCST) is a leading-edge program designed by Susan Howson (MA, PCC, CPCC, CHBC) to harmonize relationships between teachers, staff and students. The techniques delivered bring positive transformation to a school's overall climate, and improve both academic and teaching performance.


KCCST is customized to each school's unique needs. The progam supports the growth of teachers, staff and students, and helps each school achieve its highest potential. 

Our program trains teachers to develop stronger bonds with their students. We provide tools that help develop trust, honesty and more meaningful relationships. Our emphasis on emotional intelligence training also allows for more effective communication and engagement. 


KCCST also addresses the routine stress that teachers experience. Our training provides powerful tools that help teachers develop emotional tolerance, resilience and greater mental health to overcome any challenges they experience on the job.

We recognize that challenges may vary from school to school. Our trademark flexibility allows you to choose the training that best suits your school’s needs, and that ensures its greatest success over the long term. 

See what our program participants have said here:

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